Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello Spring

Good-Bye Winter!!!!!!

Hello Spring!!!! I know it's not exactly a Spring flower but we don't have any pictures of Spring flowers. We will have to get some this year.

Spring is such an exciting time of year a time of new life all around us. Flowers blooming, grass growing, trees budding, animals being born. I love driving around in the country at Springtime looking at God's creation coming alive! Watching the foals and calves stumble around on their wobbly legs, seeing the bright colors of all the flowers and smelling the crisp fresh air again after a long cold winter.

We so often let life go by so fast we forget the blessing God gave us of "His Creation." We must stop and take time to look around and be amazed at His wonder and glory.

Slow down, don't ignore what the Lord has given you to enjoy. Look at all the new life He sends and then remember the new life you can have through Him or the new life you already have. A new life to trust and obey Him. May He receive the glory He alone deserves.

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